REFERENCE NO: 1018523 (Miracle baby-anik)

This is the testimony of our partner who has witnessed the miracle working power of God in the life of his sister (Mrs. Kiran Mishra).

Mr. Suraj Maruti Pednekar contacted India office with a prayer request for his sister who had just conceived. He informed that this was her third pregnancy and earlier she failed to deliver the child. He and his sister are the only ones who accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour in their family that is of a Non-Christian background.

During his conversation he explained that though doctor’s report was normal, his sister lost her first two babies in the 2nd trimester. So this time when Mrs. Kiran conceived, she and all her family members were very much concerned because of her past experience. Mr.Pednekar shared that he was getting spiritually strengthened by listening to Dr.Dollar’s teachings on Zee TV (Hindi language). He called India office watching the broadcast and after we prayed with him he felt a sense of reassurance that all will be well. He also encouraged his sister to listen to Dr. Dollar every day on Zee TV.

As they were standing in faith believing for the miracle, they were faced once again with the same situation. This time when she was in the 2nd trimester the doctor said that her sugar level was too high and that she may lose this child too. But this time Mr.Pednekar and his sister were not ready to give up. So they called India office and requested to pray in agreement with them.

On the 27th of August Mr Pednekar called to give the good news that his sister had delivered a healthy baby. He said 3 months ago they had a negative report in hand, but today they are overwhelming with joy holding the miracle baby in their arms. The next day, Mrs.Kiran herself called to add to the testimony that during her first pregnancy she was diagnosed with diabetes and was on medication since then. But after this baby was born, even her sugar level has come back to normal. She is grateful to God for strengthening her through Dr.Dollar’s teachings and for the prayer support from the CDM Team.

All Glory to God!